About Us

GHW Appraisals Northwest Ltd. is a professional real estate consulting firm headquartered in Terrace, BC. Appraisals Northwest was established in 1995. The company offers a comprehensive range of real estate valuation and consulting services throughout the north and central regions of British Columbia. The company president, W.D. (Bill) Henderson, has been involved in the real estate valuation and consulting business in north and north central British Columbia for in excess of 30 years. This experience is supplemented by his previous employment as a Senior Appraiser with BC Assessment.

AACI Designated Appraisers

W.D. (Bill) Henderson is an AACI designated member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. The AACI designation indicates fully accredited membership in AIC and demonstrates capabilities in all aspects of real estate valuation.

Attaining the AACI designation involved a rigorous course of studies. The Appraisal Institute has adopted the Canadian Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice, which are adhered to in provision of our services.

The Appraisal Institute of Canada has a mandatory requirement for a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. We are ardent participants in the CPD program, recognizing that only through ongoing learning can we stay current with industry trends and continue to meet the demands of our clients.

Geographic Area Served

The majority of the business of Appraisals Northwest involves properties within the northwest region of BC, from the Queen Charlotte Islands in the west to Prince George in the east, and from the Central coast in the south to the Yukon border in the north.

We have also completed and are available for more complex assignments in the Peace and Cariboo regions (and beyond) when circumstances warrant.

Our Services

Point-in-Time Appraisals

√ are prepared for clients who require an estimate of a property’s current market value at a specific date or point-in-time.

√ are prepared for clients for a variety of purposes, including acquisition and sale, mortgage financing, re-allocation of inter-company assets, probate, dissolution of matrimonial assets, and litigation.

√ we have the expertise to complete appraisals of all types of vacant and improved properties, including single family, multi-family, special purpose, recreational, hospitality, commercial and industrial.

Other Services

In addition to real estate appraisal, the company is also engaged in provision of a wide range of real estate valuation, consulting and support services that include:

Property Assessment and Taxation Matters

We have provided property owners with advice and support with respect to property assessments, filing appeals on the basis of incorrect valuation, inventory, classification, and application of exemptions. We have lead and conducted negotiations with BC Assessment.

As expert witnesses, we have appeared before the Property Assessment Appeal Board. We have provided local taxing authorities with reviews of their assessment rolls.

Expropriation/Public Acquisitions

We have worked with various governmental agencies and First Nations groups to establish the basis for, and to quantify the amount of compensation payable, as a result of whole and partial takings for roadways, utilities and other public works, injurious affection, business loss and severance damages.

Property Insurance Matters

We have provided replacement cost and actual value estimates for insurance purposes. We have worked with insurance adjusters and property owners to provide support to negotiations of insurance claims, following partial or total losses of property.

Real Estate Support & Market Research

We provide value-added professional support to government, corporate and First Nations clients who require professional advice on matters relating to their real estate assets and new commercial and industrial development proposals.

Services include site searches, site selection, highest and best use and feasibility studies, subdivision and/or redevelopment advice, rezoning applications, tenure applications, property marketing strategies. We have provided market research for business proposals and socio-economic impact studies.

Property Inventory and Database Design/Maintenance

We design custom property databases for clients with multiple properties. Databases have included property inventory, lease information, mapping, assessment and tax information, and any other data pertinent or specific to the client’s needs. Databases are designed to allow for periodic updates.

Our Clients

One of the things enjoyed most about working in a large geographic area is that we are able to work for a diverse range of clients, who have differing needs in terms of real estate related services.

In all our business endeavors, every effort is made to provide our clients with sound, well-supported advice which addresses the particular client’s needs. As a result, we have been rewarded with established, successful business relationships with a loyal client base. Our existing client base includes, among others: